Bookkeeping & Accountancy

St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

St. Paul Accounting & Tax services provides high-level accounting services offered by our Staff. Our services include helping clients create budgets, perfecting financial statements, and preparing local, state and federal tax returns.
Our firm offer audit and business valuation services, monitor depreciation of assets, and help clients determine cash flow needs. We also specialize in setting up computer accounting systems and auditing information systems.
St. Paul Accounting & Tax services takes the stress out of your monthly books with automated transaction classification, expense tracking and account reconciliations, we will help you to Manage your money in one secure place.
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Tax Consultation

General tax conditions are in constant change and require a thorough analysis and impact planning. We, therefore, take into account all current tax and business factors and our consulting catalogue covers the entire scope of services in the field of tax consulting.


  • Private tax returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Surplus revenue statements and tax balance sheets
  • Consulting in inheritance tax and gift tax matters
  • Regulations concerning company successions and consulting as part of company founding or company sales
  • Managing opposition procedures
  • Legal representation before Tax courts
  • Handling of tax audits
  • Churches & Pastors taxes


We’re your best choice for tax preparation in the Naperville and west of Chicago because we keep up on all the latest revisions and updates to the State and Federal tax regulations. We’re constantly searching for new tax breaks and deductions we can use to save our clients money on taxes. From personal income tax returns to business tax preparation services, we work hard to minimize tax liabilities for all of our clients.
We are here to help our clients in areas of:
Payment Plans
Audit Defense
Innocent Spouse Relief
Abatement of Penalties
Appeals Representation
Tax saving strategies
IRS representation
Income tax Preparation
Tax Resolutions Services


We offer a wide array of accounting, tax, business consulting and financial services to  small to medium size business, as well as trusts and estates, looking for personal service and expertise. We are here to help our clients.
Tax return preparation for business entities (DBA, LLCs, Partnerships, C Corporations, S Corporations)
Tax return preparation for Individuals and High Net worth Individuals
Tax Returns for not for profit organizations
Filing & Complying with monthly and Quarterly Sales Tax filing requirements
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Business Consultation

Whether you’re already well established or just starting out, you make decisions about your business every day. Leading a company can be challenging, especially when it comes to optimizing your performance. That’s why St Paul Accounting & Tax Services team of subject-matter experts offers advisory services to guide businesses throughout USA at every stage of development.
Our experienced advisors accompany you throughout the mandate, offering objective, practical and results-driven advice—that includes one-on-one coaching when you’re running a smaller business.
Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence.
Our services include:
  • Consulting on business set-ups
  • Financial consulting
  • Credit status checks
  • Result improvement analyses
  • Establishment and formation of report and information systems
  • Financial planning, success planning, and liquidity planning
  • Business plan consulting
  • Bookkeeping checks
  • Inheritance regulations
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Financial Statements & Audits

We handle financial planning on a legal and voluntary basis in numerous industries. Because we believe that auditing and consulting go hand-in-hand, we develop strategic action recommendations and improvement suggestions based on the findings from our consulting session with you. Not only do we guarantee the high quality of our audits and consulting sessions through our skills and know-how, as well as the extensive experience and reliability of our staff, but we also confirm our services through a legally prescribed external quality control check.
Our services:
  • Legal and voluntary annual financial statements and annual consolidated financial statements
  • Implementation of quality control audits
  • Special audit
  • Credit status checks
  • Audits in accordance to regulations for real estate agents and builders
  • Audits for capital increases and non-cash contributions
  • Business formation
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate assessments
  • Further education and training
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Estate Planning

Income, gift, and estate tax planning plays a significant role in choosing the structure and vehicles used to create an estate plan. Estate planning is more than just writing a will. Done right, organizing your assets can help avoid family fights and prevent a majority of your estate from going to the government later. We are dedicated to creating a customized plans that meet all needs of our clients.
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Retirement Planning

Many people have misconceptions about some of the basic facts of retirement. Unfortunately, these misunderstandings can lead to the difference between a retirement you want and a retirement you settle for. Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals,  We are dedicated to help our clients to find out The best way to save on taxes for retirement,  start saving early and saving regularly!, Call us for free consultation
Once you start saving, you’ll want to focus on commonly used retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs because of the tax advantages that they have.
St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Payroll Service

We offer payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs and enable you to save time & money in  dealing with unfriendly software when you trying it yourself.

Get the Payroll Solution That Best Fits Your Needs.

Payroll Forms Assistance.

Federal Reporting.

State Reporting.

Setup Payroll Services for your business and pay your employees.

Filing & Paying all your business employment taxes.

Comprehensive Payroll Services.

Online Payroll Processing & access for employees records.

St. Paul Accounting & Tax Services

Business formation & Incorporations

tart your business with us, we will help you to Choose the right business structure that fits your needs. let us do it and forming an LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship or partnership quickly and easily with completing your business registrations in the state where you at and get you ready to start your business.

We can help you to choose from:

Limited liability company


  • S Corporations
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • General Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Trusts